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A highly effective disc-tilling machine ideal for soil conditioning in the presence of high levels of crop residues. With a full soil disturbance, trash is cut, incorporated and evenly distributed providing a protective barrier to retain moisture.

The K-Line SPEEDTILLER® operates best at high speeds, giving a fuel efficient operation and allowing stubble residues to pass easily through tined seeders. A depth gauging roller is provided at the rear giving the desired crumbling effect on the soil profile and excellent seedbed preparation.

Engineered for strength & durability, the specialised design of the SPEEDTILLER® produced by K-Line Industries is in a class of its own for superior soil management.


• Excellent seedbed preparation

• Increase organic matter in your soil

• Effective weed control

• Proven ability to mulch and breakdown

trash residue

• Crumbler Rollers (as pictured) are supplied

standard. Pipe Rollers & Coil Packer Rollers

are also available

• 560mm discs are standard

• Models from 2.25m to 12.8m 

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