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MacDon PW8 Pick-up Header

Set it and forget it... 

MacDon engineers worked hard to make the PW8 as user friendly as possible, from easy installation to time saving innovations, it all adds up to harvesting performance you can count on. Here's why the MacDon PW8 is the smartest no-brainer on the market.

  • HEAVY DUTY DRAPER TRACKING SYSTEM - MacDon's patented V-Guide roller groove tracking system provides reliable, maintenance free draper tracking. Our four draper joining system and large 5 inch (12.7cm) diameter drive roller minimizes the chance of draper slippage even with today‚Äôs larger, heavier swaths.
  • SEED SAVING TECHNOLOGY - Unique draper connectors and increased overlap of front to rear draper decks ensure hours of slip free draper operation and enhanced seed saving technology when harvesting delicate small or large swaths.
  • SERIOUS CAPACITY - A robust and extremely durable endless 80 chain Auger Drive, allows the PW8 to provide significantly more capacity than previous models.
  • SIMPLE ADJUSTMENTS - A simple draper tensioning system, easy to see draper tension indicators, and common all metric hardware allow adjustments to be made in a flash.
  • DROP-AND-GO FLOAT PERFORMANCE - Our simple and effective Spring-Over-Shock floatation system provides a ground following 18 inches (45.7cm) of wheel float, and requires no adjustment during operation or lockout during transport, it is a true plug and play for the combine operator. Float indicator numbers are clearly visible on both sides of the machine, letting you know the PW8 is operating at an optimum float position.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - Five 100 hour lubricating points make for quick easy maintenance of this machine.
  • ON THE GO CONTROL - The PW8 is Header Height Control and Lateral Tilt ready.
  • ADAPTS TO ANY BRAND OF COMBINE - Combine Completion Packages allow quick and easy mounting to most combine makes
    and models, this flexibility increases resale value down the road.

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